How much can you make from matched betting in 2022?

How much can you make from matched betting in 2022?

If you just started or not, this question will be always the main question to evaluate your investment in time regarding any side hustle: “How much can you make from matched betting?” This is a realistically question, especially in 2022, when more an more people are looking to start something on the side. Of course, everyone has different reasons, but by the end of the day, we need to focus our effort in something which is worth it.

First, keep in mind that the answer to this question is really subjective and is highly dependable on what your input is and how dedicated your are to the process and of course, what is your bankroll size and not least, is based entirely on our opinions and experience. So, these numbers can vary.

Let’s break it down into things on which our earnings are dependable.

How much can you make from matched betting depends on your commitment.

Probably, one of the main reasons which will dictate if matched betting is profitable enough or not is your commitment to the process. In our experience, with an average of 4 – 5 hours a week, you can make around £400 – £500 per month as a “side hustle”. If you are more experienced and you are already at a higher level of confidence and expertise, probably you are putting more hours into it for a full time earning, such as £2000 – £2200 per month.

However, even with just couple of hours a week, you will have months, especially when important events such as Grand National are due, when you can boost your profits to £1000 – £2000 per month. The beauty of how much money your can make with matched betting is that all are tax-free, so you are going to keep all of your profits.

To be efficient and to be able to gain these type of earning each month, we strongly advise to sign up for OddsMonkey and/or Profit Accumulator (free trials available) because your process of getting daily offers will be automated. And you are getting the insights for those offers instantly form thousands of members.

Your initial investment will dictate how much money you can make and how fast.

The principle is simple, more money you have to start with, faster and more money you will make with it. However, if you don’t have an initial budget of £200 – £300, if fine. You will definitely get to that type of money in no time, but for couple of first offers the time frame to accomplish them will be a lit bit longer.

As we say, matched betting purpose is to make even the less fortunate, fortunate enough to enjoy themselves during the process. As a rule of thumb, the minimum you can start would be around £75 – £100. Following the guides and with the right tools (an oddsmatcher, a free matched betting calculator are a must), you will soon turn your £100 into a £120. And a day or two later, those £120 will become £140 and so on. Soon enough, you will have the right bankroll to do 2 or 3 offers simultaneously, maximising your profits faster.

Also, as a beginner, is good to go for an exchange market (a must have tool also) with the lowest commission or if is possible even with 0% commission for the first month or two. This way, your expenses are non existent allowing you to increase your investment quicker.

Only by following our sign up offers (15+ bookmakers welcome offers) you will be able to make more than enough to have 3 or 4 offers simultaneous on roll. You take advantage of free bets offers from bookmakers such as : Bet365 (£100 free bet), SkyBet (£20 free bet), Coral (£20 free bet), William Hill (£30 free bet), Paddy Power (£40 free bet), Betway (£30 free bet), Unibet (£50 free bet), MoPlay (£30 free bet) and many more within

If you have the £300-£400 pounds to start, you can rapidly speed up the earnings in the first month. I, personally started with £350, and using OddsMonkey in my first month I was able to make around £1085. Of course, took me 2 to 3 days to go through most basics principle of matched betting. Also, until I’ve gain the confidence, I’ve practised with the smaller offers first, but , if I remember correctly, my Profit Tracker in OddsMonkey by end of that month was showing me – £1084.78 profit.

So, the bottom line is, if you are willing to learn (at least the basics) and you have some money for spare, by end of 2020 you will be able to turn those couple of hundreds into thousands. Of course, you need to put the time and effort into it and with the right tools and all of our free available knowledge, I’m pretty sure you will have multiply your £100, 20x -30x times at least.

each way odds betting chart showing horse racing

Getting out of your comfort zone will improve your profits

As we said before, knowledge will improve your output whenever is life or, in this case, how much can you make from matched betting. Always, look for more offers, more strategies of which you can take advantage. Once you are confident to approach a certain type of offer, start getting the knowledge for the next one. Our tagline is “Power of knowledge” because we strongly believe that the right knowledge and the right time can change a situation outcome and most importantly, tomorrow you will be a better version of you.

Casino offers are also profitable and if you look around, you will notice that matched bettors will say that like 50 – 60% of their profits are coming from other offers than bookmakers. Both OddsMonkey and ProfitAccumulator have specific section dedicated to comment casino offers and how you can tackle them.

Don’t forget about ACCA – accumulator bets. Almost all bookmakers offer acca insurance. If you don’t know what an ACCA is or how to profit from them, have a read at our well explained article, here. Also, extra place offers are a good way to go, 2UP offers are really profitable and are considered one of the main sources of income for a full time matched bettor.

How much money you can make from matched betting depends on your betting experience?

If you have or not any betting experience doesn’t really influence how much you can make from matched betting. However, if you have already couple of bookies accounts than is possible like your month one earning to be limited. Of course depends on how many accounts you have. If are like 4 or 5 shouldn’t be a problem, but if you have accounts with already half of the bookmakers out there than your income from welcome offers will be limited.

In 2020, we’ve counted more than 60 welcome and sign up offers available in UK. So, is still plenty of room for you to take advantage of matched betting. If anything, when you have a pervious betting history can be actually a strong point in long term because in the eyes of bookies you will look more like a typical “mug” punter when you start going for more advanced matched betting techniques.

Conclusion: How much can you make from Matched Betting

As we saw along this article, how much can you make from matched betting in 2020 can depend on couple of things. If you keep your time & effort commitment consistent you will get where any other matched bettor got – in couple of months time they had a healthy bankroll. Also, keep in mind the initial investment will only dictate the first month or two pace. You will get there a little bit slower, but you will get there.

Also, whenever you have the chance, improve your knowledge and take advantage of any reasonable offer. Get engaged and squeeze as much value as you can get from any welcome offer, casino bonus or any existing customer promotion. Invest into getting the right tools – a reliable oddsmatcher, an each way calculator, acca finder – are necessary when you go for the long run. And least but not last, you should always be responsible, but keeping the exciting and fun in also.

So, know you know how much can you make from matched betting. Is it for you? Let us know your thoughts below and if you are ready, start your matched betting journey with our free step-by-step guides, featured reviews and more. Please share our “How much can you make from matched betting?” article with your friends if you enjoy it. Cheers.

Author: Nicholas Murphy