Is this the Best Way in 2022 to Make Money Online without Paying Anything?

Is this the Best Way in 2022 to Make Money Online without Paying Anything?

Due to latest changes in our daily life, we often look for things to do on the side to earn us some extra income. Definitely, 2022 is a year where people are looking more and more for ways to make money online – if possible without paying anything or with a smaller investment as possible. We, also experienced an increase in contact forms or social media messages, where people where asking us if that matched betting is the best way to earn money online in the UK, or what is the best way they can earn money from home?

These being said, we decided to put our own opinions, experiences and insights into this blog post and try to answer some key questions which are popping on an on:

Is matched betting the best way in 2022 to make money online without investing too much?Are any other ways to make money online in UK from your home comfort?Is matched betting suitable for people without sports or betting knowledge?It is suitable for those that have other responsibilities, such as a single mom, being student or as a side income?

Is it the Best Way to Earn Money Online without Paying Anything this year?

The beauty of trying matched betting is that, even is here for a long time, is still worth giving a shot especially if you are looking to turn £75 -£100 into a few thousands in a relative short period of time. Matched betting can be brought up to the level where you can make a living from it for 12 to 18 months. However, if is kept as a secondary income, can be an exceptional “side hustle” which will boost your income with considerable amounts of tax-free money.

We firmly suggest to get out of the way what probably is creeping slowly in your back of the head – the illusion of being a “get rich quick” scheme. Will provide you a steady income, but isn’t going to be make you hundreds of thousands.

So, when you are looking for the best way to make money online, makes a big difference to establish what actually are your goals for using it. Are you looking for an effective way to earn couple of hundreds, thousands extra each month, than surely matched betting is the way to go. Matched betting is really profitable and if is done properly can improve massively the risk – reward cycle.

Is it Suitable for People without Any Betting or Sports Knowledge?

Absolutely. We even can say that if you are not inclined towards betting industry or you are a sports fun, can work better for you because you are less involved emotionally. The main concept behind matched betting is that you are going to work on mathematical level, with assisted software and by simply following well written guides. So, you don’t really need to have opinions, or gut feelings and your are less tempted to gamble unnecessarily.

The fact that you’ve never placed a sport bet can act in your favour. To learn matched betting can be done easily and effectively in couple of minutes. And if you use the right tools (for example having a good quality oddsmatcher, or and each way calculator – we recommend reading our featured reviews to help you chose the right software), it can be done really effective and in a short period of time.

Is it Matched Betting suitable for Those with Other Responsibilities?

We often can questions such as: “Can you make a living from matched betting?”, “Is matched betting suitable for a single mum?” Or “Is matched betting easy to do if I’m studying full time?” Well, the good news is that, with this betting technique you get flexibility. So, if you work various shifts, or you are a student or if you have any other responsibilities or lifestyle, doing matched betting will fit into your schedule. You just need to be willing to try and to pay enough attention to follow a step-to-step guide.

You can place bets in advance, or in the day time, in the evenings, at weekend, during night shift, doesn’t matter. You can place bets on football, cricket, NFL, rugby, horse racing, tennis, e-sport events, makes no difference – sport events are going on all the time and you will find the right ones to suit your schedule.

Other Alternatives for Making Money Online without Paying Anything or a Minimum Investment

Probably to flexibility, no need for advanced betting knowledge, to a relatively low amount to start (like £75 – £100), and being fairly easy to learn, matched betting is probably the main option for most of people in UK to chose as the best way to make money online. However, are couple of other alternatives out there you can use:

Online surveys – this alternative is popular between students to make money online. Usually, a research company will want to understand the feedback from a focus group for a new product or service before is released to masses. So for couple of minutes of a form filling, you can make couple of quid – paid even in vouchers or cash. However, can be time consuming and in most cases will have a low ROI. So, is a question of “It’s really worth it my time?”Monetize your skills – If you have a skill, are chances to get paid for it. You can always use sites such as Fiverr, Upwork where you can find a job like a freelancer and you can spend your free time as a consultant or as a designer, copy writer, etc. You need to have enough knowledge to be confident enough to get you started.Amazon FBA – An Amazon will allow to sell products without having to worry about delivery or customer service by using their “Fulfilment by Amazon” feature. Basically, FBA will handle your stock and delivery for your products against a fee , of course. Probably you heard about drop shipping model. Is a viable option, but in most cases will require a substantial investment even in money and time.


Of course are more options out there for ways to make money online, however the ultimate question is that “how much time are you willing to invest?” or “is it profitable enough giving my circumstances?”. Some of them probably are not or will return an investment in a longer period of time. Meanwhile, if you are willing to try matched betting you can start as short as in 10 minutes and with out paying anything – free trials are available and your start up bankroll will be with you all the way. And you can see an earning in the next 24 – 48h even – dependable on the chosen event.

Please leave us a comment below with your thoughts, experiences or if you think we missed something, feel free to contact us at or using the contact form, here. Stay safe and be responsible.

Author: Nicholas Murphy